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AMSOIL Powerboat RacingAMSOIL has a long and successful racing history. There is no better place to test and prove product quality than where performance demand is the most extreme. AMSOIL Corporate Racing provides invaluable empirical data for their research & development teams, contributing to their reputation for producing superior synthetic oils and lubricants.

High Performance engines and drivetrains demand the very best in oils, lubricants and filtration equipment for peak performance. With today's simultaneous demand for more power and fuel economy it's becoming commonplace to see turbocharged and supercharged engines on the road. Pulling, towing and loading are demanding more on our engines and drivetrains than ever before. Components like turbochargers and superchargers typically operate at very high RPMs, requiring premium lubrication.

With the ever increasing demand for higher performance from everyday road vehicles coupled with higher manufacturer's cost, it becomes even more important to protect your investment with the best synthetic oils and lubricants available.
AMSOIL Corporate Racing
AMSOIL has multiple Corporate Sponsored Racing Teams engaged in different PowerSports competition including; Motorcross, Supercross, Arenacross, Snowmobiles, Cars, Off-Road Trucks, Monster Trucks, Powerboats and more.
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We are avid racing fans, so we have put together a few racing links for you below, that you will probably want to bookmark. We also pull the freshest Breaking Racing News from leading Internet news sources so that you have a great place to check the latest racing news. You will find the latest AMSOIL Racing News right here on
Monster Truck Racing With AMSOILBelow you will find several great links into AMSOIL Racing including a Racing Newsletter, a Racing Blog and more:
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