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Find Tune-up and Maintenance Products by Vehicle or Equipment Type
This website is designed to help find the tune up or maintenance products you're looking for quickly.

Below you can click on the graphics to the left, or links on the right and find most everything you need to professionally maintain or tune up your vehicles or equipment. Simply select your vehicle or equipment type to review world class maintenance products and have them delivered to your door.

If you are looking for a particular product such as synthetic motor oil, grease or lubricant, oil filters, air filters, spark plugs etc., then you'll be better served on our "AMSOIL Products" page.

If you have a particular spark plug, oil filter, air filter, plug wire etc.. manufacturer's number and want to cross reference, try our "Cross References" page.

If you have a special request or need assistance please contact us.
Cars & Light Trucks
personal vehicle Cars and Light Trucks

AMSOIL carries a complete line of superior products for your personal vehicle, including motor oil, filters, antifreeze and other lubricants. Give your vehicle the best available.

Build a Complete Maintenance List within seconds - Fast and easy.. Everything you need;
Performance & Competition Vehicles - Racing
performance Performance and Competition Vehicles

If you are into performance and competition vehicles, you won't find better products than AMSOIL, to keep your vehicle at it's best.

Top of PageAMSOIL Sponsored Racing Teams
Racing News - NASCAR, NHRA and more
Motorcycles - Street and Dirt

If you demand the best for your motorcycle, be it a street bike or dirt bike, AMSOIL has what you need. It's multi-functional formulas fulfill the requirements of both domestic and foreign high performance motorcycles.

Street Bikes
Dirt Bikes
Harley-Davidson AMSOIL Oil Chart
Motorhomes and RV's
Motorhomes and RV's

Synthetic Motor Oil for diesel and gas engines, air filters, transmission fluids and all the other products you need to keep your RV or Motorhome running it's best are found at Top of PageAMSOIL. There's no time for "down time" when you're on the open road.
Heavy Duty Trucks - Diesel
Diesel Truck Diesel Trucks and Delivery

Heavy trucks and busses demand premium maintenance, and AMSOIL has the best for your big rig. Synthetic heavy duty diesel oil, air and oil filters, synthetic hydraulic oil, fifth wheel compound and synthetic transmission fluid.

AMSOIL Synthetic Powershift Transmission Fluids are formulated for, and are ideal for use in Rockwell/Eaton/Fuller, Spicer, Fabco, Warner and other large truck manual transmissions.
Industrial and Manufacturing Equipment
industrial Industrial - Manufacturing

Reduce your operating cost and get greater equipment durability with the specially formulated products for Industrial and Manufacturing Equipment by AMSOIL. From Synthetic Top of Pagecompressor oils to Hydraulic Fluids and Greases, you'll find what you need.
Forestry and Logging
logging Forestry - Logging

AMSOIL carries a superior line of products for machinery in the Forestry and Logging industry. You can extend the life of your equipment, and get better fuel economy with AMSOIL products.
Farming and Agriculture
Tractor Farming and Agriculture

AMSOIL synthetic lubricants outlast and outperform non-synthetic lubricants, giving your equipment better protection. Maximize the life of your equipment and profits by using premium-quality AMSOIL products formulated for maximum wear and thermal protection.

Synthetic; oils, hydraulic fluids and greases outperform hydrocarbon based products in both cold and hot weather conditions.

Top of PageOrder on-line here and have these item delivered right to your farm or ranch.
Outboards & Marine
boat Outboards & Marine

Whether you're maintaining a small 2-Cycle outboard, a powerboat, or commercial marine craft, AMSOIL manufactures and supplies many of the finest synthetic oil, gear, hydraulic and transmission fluids on the market.

Top of PageOrder on-line and have products shipped to your location.
Personal Watercraft - Jet Skis & Water Bikes
Jet Ski Personal Watercraft

If you are looking for; synthetic 2 or 4 cycle oil, oil filters, air filters, protective coatings, appearance products, grease, fuel additives or spark plugs you will find it on AMSOIL's Personal Watercraft Page linked above.

You will also find the most innovative and technically advanced 2-cycle engine oils, specially formulated for high performance and racing, that can be purchased anywhere.
ATV's - All Terrain Vehicles

AMSOIL provides the products you need for your ATV. From high-performance two-cycle synthetic motor oil, to filters, lubes, antifreeze and fuel additives, AMSOIL products are the Top of Pagebest available.
UTV's - Utility Vehicles

You want to keep your UTV in the best running shape possible, and with AMSOIL superior product line for UTV's, that is what you will do. Synthetic Oil, Gear Lubes, and Air Filters & NGK Spark plugs are just a few of high-performance products you will find.
Snowmobile Snowmobiles

AMSOIL has created a Synthetic 2-Cycle oil just for power sports applications and those engines with exhaust power valves. Synthetic Chain Case Oil, Synthetic Water Resistant Top of PageGrease, and Engine Fogging Oil are just a few products in the superior product line from AMSOIL.
Lawn & Garden
Lawn Mower Lawn & Garden

AMSOIL produces a Synthetic Motor Oil that is ideal for use in gasoline or diesel four-cycle lawn care equipment, along with their Engine Fogging Oil, and Gasoline Stabilizer, you will reduce friction and wear and keep your engine in top condition season after season.
Small 2 Cycle Engines
Chainsaw Small 2 Cycle Engines

AMSOIL's Saber Professional Synthetic Pre-Mix 2-Cycle Oil is specially designed for small engines. Designed for lean mix ratios in two cycle motors, and has excellent lubricity and Top of Pagecleanliness properties.
Compressor Compressors

AMSOIL synthetic compressor oils promote long compressor life through reduced component wear, corrosion protection and resistance to water degradation and lubricant breakdown.
transmission Transmissions

Whether it's an automatic or manual transmission, whether it drives a light truck, tractor trailer rig, a bull dozer, a road grader, a train, commercial marine craft or a crane ... we most likely have the right synthetic transmission fluid and heavy gear oils you will ever need , specially formulated with Top of Pageadditives for maximum performance and protection..
Mothers® Appearance Products - Polishes, Waxes & Cleaners
MOTHER MOTHERS® Car Care Appearance Products

Your car's paint can be prematurely aged by airborne contaminants, harsh environmental conditions and corrosive pollutants, let MOTHERS® unique product line help you keep your vehicle looking it's best.
AMSOIL Clothing, Decals & Promotional Items
Clothing Clothing & Promotional Items

Jackets, Caps, Shirts, Decals, Posters, Coffee Mugs, and Gifts.
Racing Engine
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